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A transcript is a document that contains every single academic detail of a student after they enroll in the course of obtaining grades in various subjects of their predetermined curriculum.

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The transcript is also known as the mark sheet, report card, or academic result. They show the progress and areas of development after evaluating the students on certain parameters. The students are graded according to their performance in exams, tests, classroom participation, and other such activities. In other words, a transcript showcases the academic achievement of a particular student.

The document is authorized and signed by the host institution and the home university. If the student needs to have something changed, he/she has to approach both the institutions for revaluation. The students themselves cannot make the changes in the transcript. There is also an issue of fraud, where the document and its grades are faked and not authorized by the responsible educational institutions.

A transcript is an important document required for various further education courses in both the student’s country and abroad. If someone is seeking admission abroad as an exchange for a semester or two or completing a particular course, they have to go through extensive paperwork. The transcript is one such document required in the paperwork.

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