TRAI stands for the Telecom regulatory authority of India. It is a statutory body that was set up by the Government of India on 20 February 1997. It comes under section 3 of the Telecom Regulatory authority of India, 1997. It consists of a chairperson, and at most, 2 part-time and full-time members each. 

There are six chapters in the TRAI Act. In January 2000, the TRAI Act was amended by an ordinance that established a telecommunication Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal. This tribunal took over the disputes and adjudicatory functions from the body. The mission of this body is to create and nurture conditions to grow the telecommunication sector in India. It aims to carve a place for India in the global information society. Now that classes have moved online, the importance of TRAI cannot be sidelined.

They regularly order issues on various subjects like interconnections, tariffs, DTH services, mobile number portability, and more. It provides a transparent environment with a level playing field while facilitating fair competition in the market. 

Some of the apps launched by TRAI include Myspeedapp, Do not disturb, and Mycall App. These Apps were launched to educate Indian customers about the services that are being offered to them and creating a safe learning environment for both customers and service providers. 

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