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Traditional Classroom

A traditional classroom is an educational place where the teacher delivers knowledge to the students in person without any third-party medium. This is the most common way of learning all around the world. Here, the pace of learning remains constant.

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Traditional classrooms are placed to transmit the skills, values, knowledge of social and moral conduct to the next generation.

Traditional classrooms are highly interactive. The transfer of knowledge and information takes place from the teacher to the students, and any sort of query or difficulty flows from the students to the teacher. A pre-planned curriculum is set for these traditional classrooms, and the teacher follows the same. Regular tests are conducted to test the understanding of the students of the curriculum.

Various classroom activities like debates, group projects, group discussions

are conducted in traditional classrooms. The teacher can pay individual attention and understand the difficulties faced by the students. This is usually absent in distance or virtual learning. These classrooms are significantly different from virtual classrooms.

Traditional classrooms have a schedule, and the student is expected to follow the same to learn a particular subject or lesson. Punishments are very common in a traditional classroom.

These traditional classrooms are usually equipped with tables, chairs, blackboards, fans, and other such classroom essentials.

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