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Toughest Exam in India

Toughest Exam in India
Exams, a word that scares the students more than anything. Be it school exams, college exams, or any other competitive exams, the name ‘exams’ in itself is a word that makes students anxious and nervous. But what are these examinations and why are the students so scared of them.

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People often ask questions like ‘which is the toughest exam in India’, but before understanding the toughest exam, let us understand more about the concept of exams. An examination is described as the assessment of an person’s ability to grasp knowledge. The evaluation might take the shape of a formal test. The test is used to assess a student’s understanding of a certain subject. The test contains a range of questions such as objective, subjective, one word, and so on. Each question in the exam is awarded a score based on the amount of knowledge required. Students are expected to answer the questions on tests. Marks are assigned to students depending on the quality of their examination responses. The marks received in the exam are used to evaluate students. People ask for the toughest exam in India, and there are multiple exams conducted in India that can be considered tough for the students, like IIT JEE guide, NEET, UPSC, NET, TET, etc. However, no exam is easy to pass, all the exams are equally tough as they need a dedicated preparation for all the secondary exams.

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