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TKT is a teaching qualification that tests the knowledge of teachers in particular fields of the English language. This course help teachers to build their confidence, it is an affordable course too. Teachers will be provided with an internationally recognized CELTA certificate. There are no formal requirements to do this certificate course, it is a flexible way of assessing teachers. This teaching qualification aims to develop teachers to have a strong foundation in the main areas of teaching knowledge required in language teaching.

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Candidates can register up to six weeks before the exam. To register for the exam, teachers need to fill the TKT application form and then, at last, do the payment. There are many language teaching techniques like the direct method, in which this teaching is entirely completed in the target language, grammar-translation, audio-lingual, the structural approach, suggestopedia, the silent way, total physical response, and communicative language teaching. There are a series of modular tests in TKT, teachers can take each module separately, and then they can decide when and how to take different tests. Teachers can take the modules in any order they prefer, this allows teachers to customize their qualifications as per their needs. There are three core modules which are modules one, two, and three. Module one is information about the terms and concepts general in the teaching of the English language, Module two is about what teachers prefer and do while making a plan of teaching, and Module three is about learning the roles of a teacher.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology