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Time Management PPT

Time management PPT

Time management is a very important skill to have in today’s world. Teens today are used to multi-tasking, but not in the right sense of the term. Teaching them the importance of time management is vital to their overall development.   

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The perks of good time management are as follows:

  • Good decision-making skills
  • Better performance at school or at work
  • Improved responsibility and independence
  • Greater opportunities to relax and unwind
  • Having more time for friends and family
  • Drastically lowers anxiety levels when projects are nearing their due dates 

Teaching time management at the school level is essential for them to cultivate it as a habit. It helps to use a time management PPT for younger students as they can be influenced easily by images and videos. Here are a few things to keep in mind while teaching them:

  • Do Not Nag Them – This is very important, as impressionable kids require persuasion through compassion and persistence rather than a boogeyman figure. They need to know that it is safe to make mistakes but also where to draw the line. 
  • Encourage Them to Build a Schedule – They should be able to make a schedule they can follow and execute. Once they get into a routine of doing things in a certain order, they won’t waste their time thinking about what to do next.

Help Them Set Their Goals – They might require guidance on what goals they want to achieve. It is common for teens to have crises when it comes to what they want to do, but that is natural –  because they’re teens, it is exactly the age when everyone goes through that phase. However, proper goal setting can have a significant impact on their everyday life and hence their future.

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