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Thematic Analysis

Thematic analysis is a method used for the analysis of qualitative data. It is generally applied to a set of texts, like an interview or transcripts. The researcher examines the data with accuracy to identify common themes in them like topics, ideas, and patterns of meaning that show up again and again.

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There are several approaches for conducting thematic analysis, but the most common follows a six-step process 

  • Familiarization
  • Coding
  • Generating themes
  • Reviewing themes
  • Defining and naming themes
  • Writing up.

This process was developed for psychology research by Victoria Clark and Virginia Braun. However, this is a flexible method that can be adapted to several different kinds of research.

This type of analysis is a good approach when it comes to research where you are trying to find out something about the views, opinions, knowledge, or values of the people on him as a set of qualitative data – for example, interview transcripts, or survey responses.

Certain types of research questions can be thematically analyzed to answer:

  • How do patients perceive doctors in a hospital setting?
  • What a’s experiences on dating sites?
  • What are non-experts’ ideas and opinions about climate change?
  • How is gender constructed in high school history teaching?

In order to answer any of these questions, it is advised to collect data from a group of relevant participants and analyze it with some care and caution. Thematic analysis allows for a lot of flexibility in the interpretation of the data and allows to approach large data sets with greater ease by sorting them into broad themes. 

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