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TGT PGT Vacancy

“It’s the teacher that makes the difference, not the classroom”- Michael Morpurg. The influence of a teacher on a student’s life goes beyond the classroom, TGT PGT takes an individual interested in teaching closer to their dream. To understand everything starting from TGT eligibility, PGT eligibility, or even TGT PGT vacancy, let’s first talk about what TGT and PGT actually are? TGT stands for ‘Trained Graduate Teacher’ whereas PGT stands for ‘Post Graduate Teacher’. We will be looking at TGT PGT vacancy, TGT PGT qualification and more.

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The teachers who have completed their educational qualifications(graduation, passed required exams) and is eligible for teaching the students of up to tenth(10th) are called TGTs or trained graduate teachers whereas the teachers who have completed their educational qualifications(post-graduation, required exams) and are eligible to teach the students up to class twelfth(12th) are known as PGTs or postgraduate teachers. Both TGT eligibility, as well as PGT eligibility, are very clear and transparent.

 The TGT eligibility criteria say that-

  • The candidate must have passed their 12th standard from a recognized board.
  •  The candidate must hold at least a bachelor’s degree before applying. 
  • The age limit for the TGTs is a maximum of thirty-two(32) years which means that a candidate whose age is beyond 32 years cannot apply for TGT.

The PGT eligibility criteria says that-

  • The candidate must have passed their 12th standard from a recognized board.
  • The candidate must hold a post-graduate degree from a recognized university.
  • The maximum age limit for PGTs is 40 years.

TGT PGT Vacancy

The TGT PGT vacancy generally keeps on coming every year in abundance. The TGT PGT vacancy has a total of 15198 opportunities for candidates. The TGT PGT vacancy numbers are the highest when it comes to teaching jobs in India that actually pay well to. The TGT PGT vacancies do have relaxation for the reserved categories as well.

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