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TGT Eligibility

The TGT eligibility criteria are quite simplified and clear but let’s, first of all, understand what TGT is.TGT is one of the most talked-about terms of all time and every teaching aspirant researches deeply about TGT before beginning their journey. TGT stands for Trained Graduate Teacher and it is often misunderstood to be a course for teachers. However, TGT is an exam that prepares a candidate to be eligible for a teacher role.

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TGT is also a title that is assigned to the teachers who have completed their educational qualifications and are all set to be a teacher. The educational qualification that a TGT must fulfill is to hold a graduate degree from a recognized university with a good percentage and a B.Ed degree. The Trained Graduate Teachers or TGT are eligible to teach students belonging to the primary classes, i.e., students from class first to fifth

  • The candidate should not be below the age group of 21 years on the date of applying, otherwise, their application might get rejected, this is a strict rule that comes under TGT eligibility criteria.  
  • The candidate must hold a graduate degree and a B.Ed degree/BTC degree from a recognized university on the date of application.
  • The candidate has to cross two stages in order to pass the selection process, the two stages are a written exam and an interview.
  • TGT eligibility says that the candidates who are citizens of India are eligible to apply for this exam and the candidate not coming under the category of ‘citizen of India’ shall not be permitted to apply.
  • The number of attempts that a candidate may give is not specified by the institutional body.
  • There is no age limit specified for the candidates applying for TGT.

Above mentioned points shall be taken into consideration in order to qualify for the TGT eligibility criteria.

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