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Techniques of Scientific Management

Techniques of Scientific Management

Scientific management is an approach to management in which the responsibility for deciding the proper standards and methods of work for the close supervision of workers. Scientific techniques are applied in the process of recruitment, selection, and training. The same techniques are used by workers in tackling various industrial problems. There are several techniques of scientific management available today, some of which are listed below:

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Work-Study: Having a study that is organizationally based objectifies and systematizes the efficiency of operations going on in an enterprise. All in all, the work-study technique analyses the whole system.

Standardization of Tools and Equipment: This technique emphasizes the standardization of tools and couplings, the cost system, and other items. Hence, efforts are made to offer a standardized working environment with proper methods of production to the workers. Such standardization techniques help reduce wastage of materials, improve the quality of work and hence reduce the cost of production. 

Scientific Task Setting: This is vital to an organization so that they can set a standard task that an average worker will have to do on a working day.

Scientific Setting of Wage Rates: Wage rates must be fixed in such a way that an average everyday worker is able to attain a standard output leveled up greater than their level. 

Scientific Selection and Training: The management needs to design the selection procedure from the ground up so that the right people are selected for the right jobs. The first step is to determine the jobs for which workers are required. Then, the employees are appropriately trained, experienced and their level of efficiency is then determined. Based on this, the employees are selected in an impartial way.

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