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Technical School

A technical school is an educational institution where students who know what they want to do professionally want to start working immediately. However, it is also a good fit to start for people who want to change colleges or careers.  A technical school is a type of two-year course that covers specific fields like business, hospitality, tourism, finance, construction, visual arts, information technology, community work, and engineering.

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In the US, the term technical school is a term that is also used in the United States Armed Forces for the training given immediately after recruit training so that the recruits are fit for a certain job. Even though it is similar to the training provided by a two-year college, technical school training in this sense is much more concise, abstaining from any coursework that is outside the minimum required to begin working in the chosen career field. In addition to all this, this training is more time-intensive, often including north of 9 in-class hours every day. Military technical school is generally one to three months in duration, although there are some schools that are as short as 2 weeks or as long as two years.

After graduating, recruits from military-technical schools are qualified only as apprentices and need to work under supervision until they are done with a more extensive on-the-job training. The military training can often be converted into standard university credits, which leaves the graduating recruit with only a few general education requirement courses to complete to receive the traditional two-year technical school diploma.

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