Tech Savvy Meaning

Who is called a tech savvy and what is the meaning of being tech savvy/what is tech savvy meaning. These are a few frequently asked questions on the internet. Being tech savvy means being more proficient with modern technology, especially with computers. Being tech-savvy in today’s time extremely important as most of the things in the 21st century runs online. It also refers to digital literacy where the user has the skills needed to use digital devices such as computers or smartphones to access the internet.

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The user may use the internet to discover, create, manage, review, and evaluate data using a set of digital platforms, including web pages, magazines, websites, social media websites, among others. In the education sector, this literacy is not necessarily about whether students know about it, but what they can do with the same. For example, a student may not be expected to know how the internet functions, rather how to use the internet to solve their assignment and learn CBSE grading something new in the process. In today’s world when everything runs online, it is crucial that the pre B.Ed teacher as well as students are tech savvy and run the processes like online teaching & learning smoothly. We hope that tech savvy meaning is clear to you.
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