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Team Teaching

What is team teaching? Team teaching is a technique or a teaching model that comes under coteaching. It goes without saying that classrooms often get chaotic and busy. To tackle this issue, a co-teaching strategy is adopted. In team teaching, there are two teachers in one classroom and both of them are in the room at the same time and take turns teaching the students.

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There are many advantages to team teaching. The major advantages are as follows:

  • Introduces students to complementary teaching styles and personalities
  • Allows for lessons to be presented by two different people with different teaching styles
  • Models multiple ways of presenting and engaging with information

Since students get access to multiple teaching styles and methods, the quality of learning is better and students will understand the concepts in a better way. They also have multiple people they can clear the doubts with and this also helps to cut the bustle in the classroom app by half.

As mentioned, this is a teaching model that comes under co-teaching and there are three other models that fall under co-teaching. This model also helps teachers to experiment with different models and styles in the classroom. It is pivotal to incorporate various strategies in the classroom so that the learning is effective and efficient.

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