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Teaching Yoga

Teaching yoga comes with its own share of responsibility. It is not just about teaching the poses, teaching yoga is a transformational journey and an astounding resolution which gives you the skill to hand down the treasure of the ancient practice of yoga to others – you must also be someone who spreads yogic wisdom. In order for you to become a certified yoga teacher, the first step is to participate in a yoga teacher training program. Often referred to as YTT, it is designed to provide the teacher the tools required to teach others about the ancient practice of yoga, provide major life lessons to the students, and train them to become refined instructors.

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Yoga is not only a physical practice, but it is also a lifestyle lived off the mat. For a lot of people who want to learn yoga, connecting with a teacher is the most important medium to get introduced to this kind of life. Teaching yoga successfully in this way requires teachers to follow certain rules and regulations – some of which are discussed below.

Being Balanced is Key – Yoga instructors need to be extremely balanced in all aspects – physically, emotionally, and mentally. People should know that they can rely on their yoga instructor for support. 

Detailed Explanations Matter – Design a comprehensive class by creating thoughtful sequences and making the instructions as foolproof as possible. This is not restricted to just the asanas but must also include the reason behind the poses, breathwork, and the anatomical breakup of the body. 

Make The Class PersonalYoga is a very personal practice. Therefore make it as tailored to their needs as possible. Make sure that everyone feels comfortable with the exercises and ease them into them seamlessly.

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