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Job Opportunities After SLET

State Level Eligibility Test (SLET), also known as State Eligibility Test (SET), is a state-level examination. It is conducted Pan-India. The test is meant for those who aspire to become a Lecturer at a university or college. The exam must be passed to be eligible for the position of Lecturer in the education sector. SLET’s scope for the education sector is pretty broad. We will be discussing it ahead.

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SLET Exam – Overview

The SLET or SET exam is conducted every year for aspirants of a teaching position at a university under the respective State Government. To qualify for SLET, a good preparation strategy is of utmost importance. The candidates receive a certificate that is valid for the entire lifetime. It is conducted in the English language.

It consists of 3 papers, and all questions are of objective type. Paper I is based on General Knowledge, while the rest two are core subject-based papers. Paper I consists of 60 questions from which 50 have to be attempted mandatorily. Paper II consists of 50 questions to be attempted, while Paper III has 75 questions to be attempted compulsorily. The questions carry 2 marks each.

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Paper I is common for all candidates, irrespective of their chosen core subjects. The three papers are conducted on the same day in three separate sessions. The time duration allotted for the same are 75 minutes, 75 minutes, and 150 minutes, respectively.

SLET Scope: Job Opportunities After SLET

After qualifying the SLET exam, the candidates can find a wide range of opportunities to kick-start their careers. Those who qualify in the SET exam can apply for the following positions:

  • Assistant Professor 
  • Lecturer 
  • Head of Department 
  • Junior Research Fellowship 
  • University Professor
  • Research Assistant 
  • Head Professor of a college 

This is a widely popular state-level exam to apply for the position of a lecturer in a University. The SLET certificate is valid for a lifetime. Candidates can apply for any of the positions mentioned above based on their respective fields of specialization. 

Who Can Apply for SLET? 

  • Any aspirant from the General category can apply for State Eligibility Test (SET) if they have a minimum of 55% score in a Masters’ degree. For an aspirant from SC/ST/OBC category, the score is reduced to 50%. 
  • Note that there is no rounding-off of the marks system in SLET. If a candidate has achieved 54.99% or 49.99% marks, they aren’t eligible to apply for the SLET exam. 

These are the basic criteria to be eligible to apply for SLET. 

  • There is no age limit to appear for the examination. 
  • Candidates may appear for the exam as many times as they wish until a satisfactory score is achieved. 
  • Certificate validity is for a lifetime and is limited to the particular state which conducts the examination. 

Bifurcations of Specialized Subjects

  1. Mathematical Sciences – Candidates specializing in Pure Mathematics, Statistics, etc., may appear for SLET under the Mathematical Sciences section.
  2. Physical Sciences – Candidates specializing in Physics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Astronomy, Quantum Physics, etc., may appear for SLET under the Physical Sciences section.
  3. Chemical Sciences – Candidates specializing in Applied Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, and Analytical Chemistry may take the SLET examination under the Chemical Sciences section. 
  4. Life Sciences – Candidates who have specialized in Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Physiology, Zoology, Fishery Science may take the SLET examination under the Life Sciences section. 
  5. Earth Sciences – Candidates specializing in Geo-physics, Meteorology, Oceanography, GIS, Applied Geochemistry may appear for the SLET exam under the Earth Sciences section.
  6. Economics, History, and Management – Candidates specializing in equivalent subjects may appear under this banner for the SLET examination.


The State Eligibility Test (SET) exam is meant for aspirants of lectureship posts in a University. It is a state-level examination conducted separately by each state. The SLET scope for the teaching profession as a University Lecturer is quite broad. Candidates receive a certificate that indicates their scores. It is valid for an entire lifetime. Candidates may re-attempt the examination until the desired score is obtained. There is no age limit for the candidates either.

We hope that this article helped you understand all about the SLET scope. All the best for your exams!

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