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How to Study for SLET

What Is the SLET Exam? 

The State Level Eligibility Test (SLET), also known as State Eligibility Test (SET), is a state-level examination conducted in all states of India. It is conducted separately by each state for the candidates who wish to apply for the post of lecturer. Candidates who pass the SLET exam receive a pass certificate that has lifetime validity. 

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SLET consists of 3 papers, namely General Aptitude and two other related subjects. The general aptitude, i.e., Paper I has 60 questions, out of which candidates have to answer 50. Each question carries 2 marks. This paper is common to all candidates, irrespective of the subjects opted for. Paper-II has 50 mandatory questions, while Paper III has 75 mandatory questions. Each one carries 2 marks. 

Reference Books for SLET 

There are a number of reference books for all subjects that could be used for SLET preparation. For Paper I, the following books may be used for reference and preparation purposes. 

  • Mathematical science for UGC- CSIR junior research fellowship & Eligibility for lectureship. – Prasad 
  • Trueman’s UGC NET/SET General paper1- Teaching & Research Aptitude – Sajit Kumar
  • UGC NET Paper-1
  • Oxford NTA UGC Paper 1 for NET/SET/JRF- Revised first edition – Harpreet Kaur

For paper II, the books that might be referred to are discussed below:

  • UGC NET History – Pramod Singh 
  • An introduction to Anthropology – Beals and Hoijer
  • UGC NET SET Political Science – Arihant 

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SLET: Preparations Tips and Strategies 

The SLET exam is given by aspirants who wish for a teaching post as a lecturer in a university. Every year thousands of candidates appear for the exam, of which only a few succeed to get a good score in the exam. Discussed below are some tips to prepare for SLET. 

Know The Syllabus of The Exam 

The foremost step to begin preparation for any exam is to get knowledge of its syllabus. This information helps to manage your schedule and make a proper plan for the same. Without a complete knowledge of the syllabus of the exam, time allocation is not possible. 

By knowing the syllabus, you will also get an idea of the strengths and weaknesses. It eventually helps in the formulation of a proper preparation strategy. 

Know the Exam Pattern 

Knowing How the question will be asked is as important as knowing what will be asked. Before we proceed to the preparation strategy, the exam pattern tells the type of questions of the exam. 

For this, you may go through the previous years’ question papers. The question types and mark-time allocation helps get acquainted with the exam paper. Once you get familiar with the question types, it reduces the solving time. 

Time Management 

The basis of any exam completion is proper execution of time management, problem-solving skills, and familiarity with the concepts. By pre-preparing for questions keeping time management into account, you would be more equipped mentally to deal with time constraints. 

When you have about a minute or less to answer each question, you cannot afford to lose time. This is why practicing quick thinking and familiarity with answer marking are some factors that have to be kept in mind. 

Prepare Short Notes 

Not only hard work but also smart work pays off. When you have to prepare for the SLET exam upcoming in the next 6 months, reading through the whole text is only possible once. You cannot read the whole of it a second time during revision. 

This is where note preparing habits should be cultivated on a daily basis. Short notes that explain a topic, topic concepts, and much more go a long way. A last-minute revision could help gain those few marks. This can help boost your confidence in the exam. 

Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses 

The areas in which you can easily build your skills are your strengths. By having an idea of your skills as well as your weaknesses, you could make a schedule, allocate time, and plan your study time. The areas that you are comfortable with are usually much easier to memorize and retain. 

On the other hand, your weak points can show you the areas that require some modifications. This helps build your soft skills and prepares you for the SET exam. A constant improvement strategy must be planned based on the identified strong points and weak areas. 


Practice till you feel there is no more scope left to improvise. To score well in the SLET exam, having a good idea of the question types and syllabus is necessary. When you are well versed with the SLET exam pattern type, practicing the objective questions within a given time frame helps you to be better prepared. A proper revision strategy, notes, and reference materials, and a planned schedule are some prerequisites for this. 

Eligibility For SLET 
  • Any aspirant from the general category with a minimum of 55% score in a Masters’ degree is eligible to apply for SLET. 
  • For an aspirant from SC/ST, the score is reduced to 50%. 
  • There is no age limit to appear for the examination. 
  • Candidates may appear for the exam as many times as they wish until a satisfactory score is achieved.  

The SLET exam is a state-level examination that is conducted in every state of India, individually. This exam is meant for aspirants of lectureship posts in a University. It consists of a common General knowledge paper while the rest of them are chosen subject-related papers. The subject-related papers consist of questions from the subject core. To prepare well for the same, a good strategy is needed. 

First of all, keeping a clear mindset of the mode of learning has to be decided. There are many platforms available both online and offline where candidates can practice their queries. Further, reference books should be kept handy to solve any queries. The SLET exam preparation requires a consistent schedule of studying, thereby identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Thus, the SLET requires a strategy, focus, and consistency to achieve a good score. 

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