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Age Limit Criteria for SLET

The State Level Eligibility Test, popularly known as SLET or SET, is a gateway for candidates keen on making their career in Lectureship. It is a highly competitive state-wide examination, driving in an increasing number of applicants every year in all the states conducting this exam. If you are willing to appear for the SLET 2022, it is imperative to gather all the right information about the test, from SLET criteria to its exam pattern, for strategic preparation. 

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Knowing this, we have compiled this blog outlining all the requisite details you might need on SLET to help save your time and efforts.

What is SLET?

For the unversed, SLET is an examination held on behalf of the University Grants Commission (UGC) by the National Testing Agency (NTA). Different states across India organize this test to primarily evaluate candidates on their teaching and research abilities. The exam is conducted once a year, with different states holding it in both English and their regional language. Every state must adhere to the guidelines set forth by the UGC in terms of exam pattern and the syllabus.

After completing the exam successfully, you can apply for Assistant Professor or Junior Research Fellow at educational institutes, colleges, and universities in your state.

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What are the SLET Criteria for Application? 

All the aspirants of SLET have to fulfill the criteria for SLET laid down by the administrative authority in terms of academics and age limit.

Academic Eligibility for SLET

You are eligible to apply if:

  • You are an Indian national.
  • You hold a Master’s Degree or its equivalent with at least a 55% score, without rounding off or gracing, from any recognized universities of India (applicable to candidates appearing from the general category).
  • You hold a Master’s Degree or equivalent with a minimum of 50% score, without rounding off or gracing, in the subject you wish to appear for in SLET (applicable to candidates from the SC/ST/OBC/transgender category).
  • You have appeared for your final year Master’s exam and are awaiting results. 
  • You are about to appear for your final year Master’s exam.
  • You have completed your post-graduation. However, candidates with a post-graduate degree can appear for SLET in the subject of their PG course. For those who hold a PG degree in multiple subjects, you can only appear for one subject at a time in SLET.

Please Note: There is no provision of rounding off marks to be eligible for SLET. For example, if you have scored 54.99% as a general category applicant, you are NOT eligible to apply to sit for the test.

Age-wise Eligibility for SLET

Thankfully, there are no age-specific SLET criteria for most SLET tests; meaning, there is no minimum or maximum age limit binding you to take this test. People of any age can apply for SLET, provided they fit into the required academic criteria. However, in some instances, the minimum age is set at 19 years.

Number of Attempts

SLET is conducted across various states in India and does not have any limitations on the number of attempts. You can keep taking the exam as many times as you desire.

Validity of the Certificate

Once you pass the State Level Eligibility Test, you obtain a passing certificate. Since this certificate does not come with an expiration date, you can apply for jobs when you are ready.

What is the Exam Pattern for SLET 2022?

SLET consists of three papers: Paper-I, Paper-II, and Paper-III. The examination is of objective type, following the pattern of multiple-choice questions (MCQs). 

Paper-I of this test is common for all the candidates, while Paper-II and Paper-III are subjective. Paper-I assesses the candidates based on their teaching and research aptitude. It contains 60 questions, each having 2 marks. You have to answer only 50 questions out of the 60. 

Paper-II consists of 50 questions, and you have to answer them all. Similar to Paper-I, each question has a 2-mark weightage. 

Paper-III has 75 questions in total, and all are compulsory to answer. All the questions carry 2 marks each.  

Ending Note

SLET is an important exam for anyone wanting to become an Assistant Professor or obtain the Junior Research Fellowship at a reputed university/institute in India. Now that you know the SLET criteria for eligibility and the number of attempts allowed, you can assess if you meet the requirements before you start your preparations. Wishing you all the best in your career!

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