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SET Preparation Tips- Best Ways To Crack The Exam

SET is a state level exam and it stands for State Eligibility Test. It is considered to be one of the most popular exams in India. SET or State Eligibility Test is a great exam for all the teaching aspirants who consider teaching as their first love.

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When a candidate clears the SET or State Eligibility Test, the candidates receive an eligibility certificate that allows them to be hired as instructors or professors, depending on the position and vacancies available. Every year thousands of candidates apply for the SET exam.

Exam Pattern Of SET

  1. The SET consists of just one phase of the test, which is a written test. If a candidate clears this test, they will be qualified for the job. 
  2. This written test is conducted for three hours and consists of two papers, namely, paper 1 and paper 2.
  3. Both the papers contain only MCQ type of questions.
  4. The test is conducted on the same day in two sessions.
  5. There is no negative marking in theState Eligibility Test.
  6. When a candidate answers a question correctly, they will be awarded with two marks for each right answer is awarded two marks.
  7. If a candidate appears for the SET or State Eligibility Test, the maximum marks they will be awarded for the same is 300 marks.

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The State Eligibility Test or SET exam is considered to be a difficult level of exam and not all the candidates who apply for it are able to crack the exam. However, by following the right tips for the SET preparation, the candidates have higher chances of cracking the exam. Let us understand 5 Best Tips to prepare for the SET exam.

5 Best SET Preparation Tips

  1. Get thorough with the syllabus- The first rule of winning a war is to thoroughly understand your adversary. As a result, in order to pass any exam, whether teaching or non-teaching, candidates must be quite familiar with the exam format. They should be aware of the importance of each subject and issue and keep track of it. Candidates should be well-versed in the topics so that they can assess their preparation at the last minute. It’s also important to have a road map of the exam syllabus so you don’t forget to prepare for any topics.
  2. Research well before choosing the study material- Another important aspect of preparing is selecting the appropriate study materials. Candidates should conduct thorough investigation, assess thoroughly, and then select appropriate study materials. Because study materials have a long-term impact on a student’s preparation, they should choose books or resources that are free of disinformation or incorrect knowledge.
  3. Appear for mock tests-  Students should take practise examinations regardless of which exam they are taking. Giving a practise test will undoubtedly assist you in better understanding the exam. Once they begin taking the mock test, a candidate who has prepared for the tests will be able to quickly recognise the relevant topics, questions, or courses. Candidates might focus their efforts on the areas where they believe they can improve. Thousands of students and toppers discuss their preparation tactics in interviews every year, and offering practise examinations is at the top of their list. As a result, any applicant who wants to gain a better grasp of the exams and improve their performance should take mock tests.
  4. Maintain a balanced study routine- In order to stay motivated in the long run, students need to maintain a study-life balance. Exam preparation requires a lot of devotion, concentration, and focus. However, having a well-balanced study schedule will undoubtedly benefit the candidates. Taking care of family, speaking with friends, playing games, and going for walks can all aid applicants in better preparation for the SET exam.
  5. Maintain a good mental and physical health-  Working exercise or meditation can occasionally assist candidates in improving their concentration, focus, and happiness levels. Candidates should remember to take care of their health while studying for the exam, as both their body and mind require attention.

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