Symposium Meaning

Symposium Meaning 

‘Symposium meaning’ is one of the most searched queries on the internet today and so the answer to that is quite important in today’s context. A symposium is usually defined as a meeting that is organized so that experts in a particular field can meet, present papers, discuss ideas and trends or make recommendations on a certain course of action for something. Another definition of a symposium is that it is a degree of audience participation that is less than a forum’s, hence implying that there is a greater structure to the format of the meeting.

A symposium has an implied academic aspect that distinguishes it from a seminar. A symposium is meant to make attendees walk away from the event having gained a better degree of knowledge about a particular issue. They may have encountered entirely new concepts about a subject that they have been studying or know of or have been introduced to something completely new entirely.

The standard format of a symposium is as follows:

  • Welcome remarks by the host
  • Introduction of a moderator 
  • The moderator introduces the keynote speaker, moderates the discussions and debates and poses interventional questions. 
  • The moderator introduces each speaker beginning with a short biography of them. 
  • The symposium ends with a Q&A session. This can either be a live oral session or written and read out by the moderator.

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