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Substitute Teacher Jobs

Substitute Teacher Jobs

Substitute teachers are the teachers that teach or take classes when the subject teachers or allotted teachers are absent. There is no set category for substitute teacher jobs in every school, it is not compulsory. Some schools do have separate vacancies for substitute teacher jobs, and some do not, totally depends on the school’s module. Here are some fun activities that the substitute teachers could arrange for the students to make that particular time interactive.

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1- Play board games and make it fun. There are many games that the teachers can make the students play in order to make the period interesting for them. Teachers can divide the class into three to four different groups. Such games will help the students get relaxed, refreshed, and recharged for the next class.

2- Teachers can also play quizzes with the students. This will not only help the teachers in making the class fun, but will also help them in testing students’ knowledge, intelligence, and caliber.

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3- Teachers can also arrange hobby session for the students, wherein all the students perform any such activity that they like. For instance, dancing, singing, quizzes, drawing, painting, etc.

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