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Study Room

A study room, sometimes simply known as a study, is a room in a house used for reading, computer work, or paperwork. Historically, it has been used as the reading room or private office of a family father since he was considered the “formal head” of a household, but with the advancement of society and deconstructing gender roles, a study room has now become a room in a house from where a home business is operated or simply open to the whole family for some quiet alone time. 

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A study typically contains a desk, chair, a laptop or personal computer, desk lamp(s), books, bookshelves, and file cabinets for storing different types of files. Sometimes, a spare bedroom is repurposed into a study, but modern homes being built today have a room that is designated specifically as a study. Some of the other terms that are used for study rooms are home library, den, parlor, and home office. A study room is more commonly referred to as a community working area within an office, school, etc.

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The main purpose of a study is to get some peace and quiet to work or study, whether it is in a residential house or in a school or college. This utility of studies has prompted people to build them into houses they are building today because of the increasing possibility of remote work.

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