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Study Effectively

How to study effectively? Here are five foolproof ways to study effectively.

1.Create a Schedule to Study Effectively

Have a proper routine planned. Attending online classes is most certainly different from going to school. In school, the schedule is predefined. When you are home, you have flexibility and freedom. Make sure not to misuse this. Create a routine and stick to it. Get up at least an hour before the class starts and do a little breathing exercise or a quick physical activity. This will help you stay focused for longer. Also, make sure not to skip any meals while attending classes online.

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2.Choose a Pleasant Corner

Another important thing that students should do is to choose a pleasant corner. Choose a place in your home that is away from distractions. It is advisable to choose a place that is not near a window or door. Also, set up this place with necessary things such as good light, books and pen, water and maybe a quick snack.

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Studies have proven that snacking while studying can improve retention., While it is downright disrespectful to munch while a class is going on, you can have something healthy while the teacher announces a break.

3.Take a Break

It might sound surprising but it is important to let your mind get distracted and wander every now and then. Putting your mind in a box and making it follow strict routines and schedules might get overwhelming and you will get exhausted too soon. Take a break and do things that make you feel relaxed. It can be reading a book or scribbling something or listening to music. No matter what the activity is. Make sure to relax and get yourself away from the screen. Too much screen time can affect your health adversely.

4.Stay Connected

Another important thing is to stay connected with your teachers and friends. Unlike an offline classroom, an online classroom is not a platform where you get to talk to your peers often. In an offline setup, you get a lot of opportunities to interact with your friends and teachers. Teachers must identify gaps to let the students interact and as students, you must stay in contact with your teachers. The first thing that students should do is to let go of the fear factor. Teachers are there to help you and if you are having any problems or concerns, just reach out to them and let them know about it. Having a good relationship with your teachers and fellow classmates will help you stay focused.

5.Include Innovative Learning Strategies

One of the main reasons that students doze off while learning is because of the lack of creativity in learning strategies.  Try different types of learning strategies such as spacing out the concepts, gamification, role-playing, and likewise. Using colorful stick notes and highlighters while attending online classes also may help. These might seem small but it helps to increase your interest and attention.

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