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Student Union

What is a student union?

A student union or association, as the name suggests, is a group that is run by the students. From representing the student community of the university to arranging events, the union is involved in numerous things. Some universities and colleges conduct elections to elect members of the union. Certain other colleges would have a predetermined set of criteria for each position and select the members for the positions accordingly.

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A student union is pivotal to ensure that the students get to voice their opinions. The association also takes care of things like organizing cultural events, awareness programs, activities, and the like. The positions that are usually open are student body president, secretary, arts secretary, finance secretary, and likewise.

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The importance of an association cannot be sidelined. The school management or the teachers might not be able to understand all the problems that the students are facing. The association acts like a spokesperson or a middleman who can voice out the problems that the students are facing. The various functions, club activities, and the like are looked after by this association, and being a part of this association will help you with your resume as well.

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