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Student Tracking System

A student tracking system is an edTech software tool that offers provisions such as assignments upload & sharing, online student attendance management, online examination management & proctoring, e-learning, and much more as a means of keeping a tab on the students’ daily activities & their corresponding performance.

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A student tracking system can be integrated with the web as well as mobile so as to enable students to learn from anywhere, any time according to their convenience. 

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Advantages of Student Tracking System 

  • Student Data Management – Handling students in the classroom and teaching is comparatively easier in a brick and mortar classroom than a virtual classroom because the teacher will have to focus on the administrative bit a bit more. This can compel them to compromise on their teaching a little more. However, with the help of student tracking software, the teachers can focus on the students more because the administration is taken care of by the software.
  • Online Exam Systems – Conducting online exams can be quite confusing for institutions at times because managing them can be quite labor-intensive as well as time-consuming if done the traditional way. However, with the help of the virtual proctor software offered with this software, tracking students as they write the exam is extremely easy. 
  • Attendance – It is quite inconvenient on the part of the teacher to track someone’s attendance online, but with tracking systems, the teacher will not be required to keep track of the attendance as it will be taken care of by the software. This will help the teacher focus more on the lesson and not on time-consuming things like these. 
  • Continuous Evaluation – It has been proven time and time again that a continuous evaluation of students always leads to a better understanding of their abilities and where they find themselves lacking. Continuous evaluation in the conventional classroom setup can seem laborious but with such software in place, it is practically effortless. 

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Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology