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Student-Teacher Interaction

Student-teacher interaction is considered an important aspect for various reasons. Teachers who had a positive interaction with their students reported that their students were more involved and attentive in studies and had better attendance in the classroom. Teacher-student interaction has resulted in a positive classroom environment that affects the learning and growth of students positively.

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Keeping in mind the development point of view, student-teacher interaction aids students’ memory skills, cognitive ability, physiological development, and emotional growth. Further, it has a strong positive impact on a student’s self-esteem, enthusiasm, and academic success. Nowadays, schools and colleges are actively promoting student-teacher interaction and reporting huge benefits with such initiatives. The involvement of faculty members and teachers in their student’s academic growth has resulted in an increase in their academic and professional development.

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Student-teacher interaction is often considered a key to academic success. When the students maintain a connection with a faculty member they are more likely to feel satisfied with the academic process and get inspired to do something great. The students who are more attentive, they feel motivated towards studies, are actively engaged in the learning process, and highly enthusiastic to learn new things.

One of the requisite of student-teacher interaction would be the receptivity of new ideas by the teachers. This fosters an environment where students feel free to express their opinions, agreements, and disagreements. It results in a cooperative learning environment and may result in the generation of new undiscovered knowledge.

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