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Student Stress

Student Stress

Just like other people in the world, students feel stressed too, this is known as student stress. There may be various reasons for a student to feel stressed, excessive work pressure, peer pressure, or no clarity of the concepts to name a few. The majority of students face situations of stress or distress due to their academics or studies, and hence it can be termed as academic stress or academic burnout.

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Student stress or academic stress is characterized as tiredness brought on by high academic demands, expectations, and obligations. At some point in their lives, every student will experience academic fatigue. Colleges, schools, professors, parents, or even friends can sometimes be the cause of burnout, either indirectly or directly.

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There’s a good chance that a student is suffering from academic burnout if he or she is under a lot of stress and tension. Academic fatigue can also take the form of a persistent low energy level, a lack of initiative, energy loss, or sleep attacks. A pupil is prone to grow exhausted if they are unable to focus on whatever they are doing. In situations like these, the teachers should make sure to understand their students better and help them in coping with that stress.

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