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Student Portfolio

Student portfolios are a true assessment tool with a plethora of different applications in the classroom. Student portfolios could be your new secret weapon for tracking development for special education kids, presenting parents with a more open look at their child’s successes, and helping students become more self-directed learners.

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A student portfolio is a collection of digital or physical artifacts that show what students have learned and how they can apply their skills. These portfolios help students get ready for future opportunities like interviews and internships. A student portfolio should include work from all areas of the curriculum, such as science, art, and history. Parents might also find a student portfolio to be a helpful parenting tool. A student portfolio is an organized collection of a student’s best work. It includes examples of writing and artwork.

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It might also include samples of students solving math problems or speaking in front of the class. This is important because it shows what their studies have done to help them grow as an individual and as a learner. Student portfolios are important because they give a teacher an idea of how the student performs in the classroom. A portfolio is usually completed by teachers and contains samples of the student’s work. It can include samples of artwork, writing, and other projects completed in class. The portfolio should also contain samples that show the student’s progress over time. This gives the teacher a better sense of how well the student does on similar assignments. Portfolios are a great way for students to reflect on their work. They can see where they need improvement, what they excel at, and what motivates them. In addition, it helps them to set goals for themselves and have a roadmap to follow to achieve these goals.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology