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Student Orientation

Student orientation is the period, which starts before the academic year at any university or college for new students. This is the period when one can see a wide range of events arranged to welcome the new students. However, the time span of this period can vary from a few days to weeks and months, depending on one institute to the other. 

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During the student orientation, the new students and others have the choice to participate in different social gatherings and events. In most of the colleges or universities, the new students are always motivated to carry out different activities like an ice-breaking activity. 

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These can be anything ranging from singing songs, performing a one-act play, skit, playing icebreaker games, or even any group physical activity. These activities are planned under an orientation program to accommodate the freshers with the old students. It also gives the new students ample opportunities to get familiar with the others along with knowing the college campus along with the facilities it caters to. 

Student orientation also helps the new students get introduced to the social aspects of their colleges and thus help in making their transition from high school to higher grades with ease. Thus student orientation remains an important part of any university or college.

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