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Student Organization

Any group of students with at least five members can be called a student organization. Generally, a student organization has students and alumni as its members. The basic purpose of having it is to boost student activism and deal with different day to day affairs of the students. 

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One of the key purposes of these organizations is to support the mission and goals of the university. Only students are designated in different positions. At the same time, the student organization also has a designated staff or faculty member of the university. These members act as an advisor in these organizations and play their part with their presence. These organizations help[ students to increase their engagement in the classroom.

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The organization always has students who serve as officers. These take up different day to day issues and students affairs. At the same time, they also adhere to the set expectations of the institute or university. They make sure that their activities conducted under student organization does not go against the law or the student community, or university at large. 

They abide by the law of the land and go as per the policies of universities. Different bodies recognise student organizations. However, for this, these student organizations have to comply with their norms and conditions. 

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