Student Identification

Identification remains the basic need in any community, and educational institutions remain no exception. It helps to give you a unique identity in your school and college. In any educational institute, student identification has great importance. 

Student identification can be defined as a unique number, assigned by the college authorities to all the students, including both the full-time and part-time educational programs. With this, the students get a special ID card, which carries their name, a unique number, and their photo with emergency contact numbers and addresses. It also carries the logo and the name of the school or college of enrollment. It is pivotal and essential.

Once the student applies for any course, and they get admission to their chosen college or school, they receive this identity card, which is useful for them. The student identification is non-transferable, and it helps in monitoring, tracking, and checking their records along with their performance in their academics.  

At the same time, the identification also helps the authority to know about their personal information including home address, phone number, and other details. On your enrollment to any college or school, the student identification is recorded and it remains with them in their records.

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