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Student Engagement

In education, we can call student engagement a degree of curiosity, attention, interest, passion, and optimism, which students are seen showcasing when they are learning or getting taught. This further extends to the level of motivation, which they need to learn and move ahead in their academic life. 

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In general, student engagement is based on the belief that claims that improved learning among the students when they have interest, inspiration, and curiosity. It also says that learning gets hampered when a student is bored, unhappy, and disengaged. With stronger engagement, you end up getting good student achievements, which is one of the key instructional objectives of the educators. 

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If you look at student engagement in different contexts, we can perceive it in different ways. The way educators, school leaders, and others engage students in the decision making process and governance of ideas in the school is a type of engagement. These include designing different programs and getting into the various learning opportunities or in the student community’s civic life for student engagement.

For instance, in many schools, there are surveys on various issues the students can face. In a survey, students are asked to call out various problems faced by them. Based on these issues, policies and programs are changed to honor the concerns and perspectives of students. This has become a classroom activity for college students with a good outcome.

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