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Student Credit Card

Student credit cards are ones that are designed for college students. Their specialty is that they have a limited credit history. A lot of times they do not have an annual fee while also having cardholder benefits and perks like a rewards program. A student credit card can help build a credit history if used in the right way.

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A good credit score can make a more attractive applicant for a lease for a place to live, and can even affect access to cell phone plans. If a person needs to take out a business loan, car loan, and so on in the future, a bank can check the creditworthiness of the person as a student to make sure that they are a good bet to make payments, not just on time but also in full. 

Starting a credit history in college can benefit one in the future. However, building a solid credit history takes a lot of time and consistency. With the help of a student credit card, college students can start to understand what credit limit is, how much credit they have at a given time, and not go over the credit limit. Using student credit cards, one can help themselves create their very own responsible bill-paying habits. 

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To obtain such a card, the student will have to submit proof of full or part-time schooling, be at least 18 years old with assets or proof of income, and any other criteria that the issuer might need to evaluate the application.

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