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Student Council

Student Council

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The students of the student council assist in sharing ideas, interests, and concerns of other students with teachers and school administrators. They also often help fund school-wide activities, including community events, community projects, outreach, and school reform. Enrolling as a student council is more than just management and teamwork skills, but it can assist a student to build memories, build relationships, and learn about personal goals. The benefits of being a member of the student council include: students can improve their reading and writing gain experience in public speaking, and learn how to make a positive impact in your school and community.

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It also provides opportunities to meet new friends and work with diverse people. Students should be very responsible towards their duties, who are willing to work hard should only apply for it. As a member of the student committee, students will be called to serve on behalf of the concerns of other students. The council does not have the right to change policies and is only intended to express the views of students. It is a community-based student organization dedicated to cultivating school spirit and leadership among students. The students who participate on committees at all levels adhere to high standards of personal conduct. The goal of the student committee is to provide a democratic format for students to address school-related issues that affect their lives, maintain open communication between students and staff, teach students the duties and responsibilities, and have good behavior in the school. 

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