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Student Activism

Also popularly known as campus activism, Student activism refers to any social, political, cultural, or environmental work done by students to generate a change in the society or surroundings. 

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These types of activities have the power to generate awareness and widespread political changes. Some of these focus on the internal surroundings while others focus on society’s overall happenings; the activities vary with causes, purpose, and student groups. 

Student activism generally begins at the university level and takes form as and when the group gains support. Examples of student activism include street rallies, contributing or running a professional campaign, internet activism, petitions, media support, boycotting, strikes, sit-ins, civil disobedience, etc. 

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There are a lot of real-life examples for the same. Students have come together to bring down fees, for their basic rights, to collect money for fellow students and likewise. The student group uses demonstrations and social media campaigns to raise awareness. 

Another example of student activism for a social issue such as gender equality and LGBTQ is the Campus Pride Parade. One such pride parade took place in 2020 in the CEPT University, Ahmedabad, where the community took it out to address their rights and issues, and celebrate themselves. The parade was run with the slogan, “Prem che, prem che, taro maro same che” which translates to One Love for Everyone.

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