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Story Writing

Story writing is a fictional writing method that is written in a format having a storyline to it. Story writing is where there is narration of real or imaginary events with characters and eventful scenarios from a fictional point of view. Story writing is always practiced in schools for students to learn the mechanics of writing a story.

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Practicing story writing can help students discover if writing is in their passion or not. Story writing basically follows a format that helps writers to structure their work. The format of a story is a common feature of many stories, and it usually consists of five key elements. Character, setting, plot, conflict, and theme are all important aspects of a story. Nothing will happen in your story if you don’t have characters; the way characters react to plot events is what propels the story forward.

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Characters, on the other hand, do not need to be human or even living. Objects can be anthropomorphized to have personalities, and they can be fantastic characters in the same way that people can. Characters are important in every story. Setting is one of the most important features of the story writing format, and can change everything that the other features can influence. There can be different settings, namely a horror story setting or romantic story setting, etc.
Plot, often known as narrative, refers to the happenings of a story. The storyline is what propels your characters along in the novel; it’s where a writer introduces conflicts, shifts in occurrences, and allows the characters to grow. Conflict – This is a portion of the narrative writing format that can be extremely difficult for a writer to master. You introduce a difficulty or issue to the plot by introducing conflict. In story writing there should also be a theme.

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