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When applying for a course or for an internship, you may have come across the term called stipend. The stipend is a fixed amount of money paid to someone. Trainees, students, and interns can receive stipends as they undergo some kind of training or other. 

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If you are a fresher, who has recently graduated and is looking for a job, you might apply for some internships before you apply for a regular full time. Even students, who are pursuing their education might look for internships in order to gain some practical experience in the field of their study. This helps you in a lot of ways. It helps you go beyond theoretical knowledge and to acquire some hands-on experience. Internships can pave the way for you to achieve better job opportunities and a better career path. Therefore, people generally do not let go of internships as it is an opportunity for you, everyone, to explore and flourish. 

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Another benefit of these internships is the stipends. Stipends are another driving force that attracts people to internships and training programmes. The amount even if it is small, is a motivation factor that encourages interns and trainees to work harder. 

Some colleges and universities also offer stipends to students across the country. These programmes are generally vocational in nature where there are chances that the students will be working along with in a smaller scale. There are students who pursue certain courses because of the availability of stipends while they pursue their education. Stipends help these students to manage their day-to-day expenses and allow them to be more independent.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology