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Statement of Marks

Statement of Marks is a form of certification that students receive when they graduate from colleges or universities. The statement of marks is the marks card also known as the consolidated marks card that is given to every student combining all units of their courses, as in all semester results. The statement of marks is an important document that students collect from colleges or universities after they pass out.

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For educational qualification evaluation, the statement of marks or consolidated marksheet is used as documentation. In further studies or job applications, students are asked to attach their statement of marks or consolidated marks card for document verification for several official records.

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The statement of marks is a document students collect from their colleges or universities after passing out along with other documents, namely – Transfer Certificate, Migration Certificate, Provisional Degree Certificate, all transcripts of marks for each semester they have given exams and passed during their 3 or 4 or 5 year course in college. In most colleges, students are expected to visit after graduation for the application and procedure and collection of these documents. Students can go to their respective colleges along with the necessary documents mentioned in the application and submit their application requesting their final degree certificates from the exam department or head office of their colleges. When all the transcripts of all the semesters passed are combined it puts out the final degree percentage or grade on the statement of marks document. To summarize, the statement of marks document is a summarized form of the marks a particular student obtained during their course of study. This document can be obtained from the university on request of the students through submission of application form and photocopies of required documents.

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