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Staff Room

What is a staff room and why is it important for the schools, colleges, or other institutions to have a good room for the staff members?

A staff room can be understood as a room where the teachers sit when they are not teaching. It is a space dedicated to the teachers in order to provide them with efficient working environment. Schools, colleges, or even institutions should ensure healthy & positive working spaces for the students as well as the teachers as it will help them in keeping them happy. Teachers go through a lot of stress in their day to day routine, from assignments to back to back classes, they have a lot to take care of.

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“Health is wealth”, teachers say this phrase to their students multiple times in the classroom. However, they themselves forget to take care of their mental, physical, and emotional well-being. In order to maintain good health, the teachers should surely practice stress management techniques from time to time. In order to help the teachers in managing such stress, the school management should make sure to provide them with safe and comfortable working space. Teaching is the only profession that creates all the other professions, hence keeping the teachers happy is crucial for the educational systems.

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