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Staff Portal

A staff portal is a website used to give members of staff access to important information. A staff portal is usually private and only available on internal networks. They might also be designed for access from an Internet-enabled computer from anywhere for the sake of convenience. To get access to the staff portal, people generally require a username and password assigned by the company’s IT department. A variety of information can be kept in staff portals, which can range from employee manuals to up-to-date information on contributions to benefits plans.

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Several companies design staff portals that companies can directly install, and companies can also design their own. The goal is to provide the staff with the information they may need in the course of their work. Storing this information electronically can not only save paper and reduce waste but also allow people to access the same at any time, anywhere. Employees may also find staff portals helpful in tracking things such as the number of hours worked, payroll history, etc.

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Staff portals can also contain course modules, which allow employees to take classes via the portal. These modules can be part of the employee training program or offered as an option for employees who want to improve their performance on the job. Dialogue boxes and quizzes can also be used as a means of confirming employee comprehension. They can contain confidential or sensitive information as well, so employees might be directed to log out when they are finished in order to avoid showing the portal to non-employees and to keep their accounts safe and secure. Some staff portals might also contain special access-restricted areas open to only certain employees where highly sensitive information regarding employees or about the company is kept. 

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