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SST Full Form

SST Full Form

SST Full form is Social Studies, and it is used in the context of Indian education. Social Studies contains several feels of social sciences and the humanities which include history, geography, and political science. Social Studies helps integrate several disciplines into the curriculum by the use of different unique methods and focuses on students’ concentration. Social Studies aims to train students to participate in a diverse democratic society in a responsible manner. 

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This is not just a single subject – it is a combined field that incorporates several subjects such as economics, civics, sociology, history, and geography. Learning social studies helps students learn about the environment around them and accept their social responsibilities. According to the National Council of Education, there are 10 teams that need to be represented in the course for the purpose of making their study time worthwhile:

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  • Culture
  • Continuity and change
  • Identity and individual development
  • People and places
  • Groups and institutions
  • Science technology and society
  • Production distribution and consumption
  • Importance of global connections
  • Civic ideals and practices
  • Power authority and governance

Learning about these will help students understand the country that they live in end of the process that takes place for the administration of the country.

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