Sq3r is a method of studying, it is based on the research of cognitive psychology which stimulates enhanced knowledge of reading content. It was proposed by an American educational psychologist named Francis P. Robinson. It can be said that Sq3r is an acronym for the question, read, write, survey, review, and recite. With the help of Sq3r readers can increase their understanding of the content by engaging in the process of reading. It helps to enhance the academic performance of the students, they learn the concepts in a better way. In the survey, students start by reviewing the given text to get an initial impression of it by paying attention to the most important elements such as headings, text in bold, charts, and more. The question which is also referred to as query, students start making questions about the written content, they can start by framing simple questions. In reading, students engage in the reading of the text, they participate in this process actively. While reading students recite or recall the initial questions framed by them, they try to answer the questions accordingly. Students can write the answers in a notebook or they can recite the answers. When the reading process is completed, students review the written content, then they repeat the main ideas of the text to themselves by using their own words. Each step of the process is equally important, students need to perform every step accurately. It can be said that this process is very beneficial for students to improve their academic performance in less duration. 

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