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Sportsman Spirit

Sportsmanship, also known as sportsman spirit, is an ethos within sports in which proper consideration for respect, ethics, fairness, and fellowship for one’s competitors is upheld. 

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Sportsman spirit can be considered a stable characteristic or disposition in such a way that individuals differ in the way they are usually expected to behave in sports situations and give importance to the sport more than themselves. In this respect, there are 4 elements of sportsmanship which are:

  • Good form
  • The want to win
  • Equity
  • Fairness

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All these elements are vital with respect to sports and a balance must be created among all four of them for true sportsman spirit to be illustrated. However, these elements might also be the cause for conflict since a person might desire to win more than play in fairness and equity with their competitors which would result in a class with the fundamental concept of sportsmanship. 

However, above all, since most sports are rule-based, the most common offense that is illustrated as bad sportsmanship is breaking the rules or cheating to gain an unfair advantage over the other competitors. This is known as unsportsmanlike conduct and is always looked down upon. Just six main categories related to sportsmanship are:

  • The elements of sports
  • Elements of sportsmanship
  • Clarifications
  • Conflicts
  • Irreducibility
  • Balance

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