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Sports Teacher

A Sports Teacher is also known as PET(Physical Education Teacher), their job majorly is to help the students maintain good physical health and stay fit. Sports Teachers generally believe in being a part of the institutions like schools, colleges, and universities, etc rather than only setting up their private home training options.

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The Sports Teachers also contribute in maintaining discipline within the school premises. The other major duties or responsibilities of the Sports Teacher or PET is to teach, train and prepare the students for various sports, organize sports events/ competitions, teach students about sports, health, physical development, and nutrition. PETs also help the students understand the importance and benefits of staying fit, working out, or exercising daily. A Physical Education Trainer/ Teacher is also responsible for developing engaging-based activities for exercise-based learning. 

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What Is The Eligibility To Become A Sports Teacher?

In order to become a good Sport Teacher or Physical Education Teacher, there is a totally different eligibility criterion that a student needs to fulfill. Read below the basic educational qualification required to become a Sports Teacher or Physical Education Teacher-

  • Any candidate who holds a diploma in Physical Education from a recognized institution is eligible to apply for the post of Sports Teacher.
  • Any candidate who holds a B.P.Ed (Bachelor’s in Physical Education) degree from a recognized institution is eligible to apply for the post of Sport Teacher in various schools and colleges across the country.
  • The candidates who hold a master’s degree in physical education called M.P.Ed are eligible for applying as a Sport Teacher and also higher-level posts as a Sport Teacher in various government departments like Sports Authority of India. They are also eligible to hold higher positions like HOD (Head of the Department) in schools and universities. 

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