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Speech Writing

Speech writing is the process of writing something that is generally meant to be delivered to a large audience. Speech writing is more or less like essay writing with an aim to either convince someone of a certain viewpoint or make a public statement. That does not mean that all speech writing is the same. There are different types of speeches that people make, some political, some educational, some may be a public address; and for each type, there is a certain way of writing. 

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The main difference between essay writing and speech writing is structure. Great speechwriters frame their speeches as an interesting narrative. They make it seem like the audience is being taken on a journey and the speech is the path that they follow. As mentioned earlier, speech writing is different for different occasions, but it will usually follow a set structure that can be broken down into three parts. 

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The Opening

The opening of the speech needs to be attention-grabbing and captivating. The main purpose of a speech is to be heard, and they need to engage people and convince them to think or act along the lines of the speaker. So the best start is to create an opening line that states the intent of the speaker or to pose a question or a shocking statistic.

The Middle

The middle is where the speaker gets into the full swing of their argument. It is the main bulk of the speech. You should include a series of reasons and arguments as to why the audience needs to agree with you.

The End

It is imperative that the audience hear the speaker and never forget them or the message they pose to the audience. The most memorable part of a speech is always the ending. A speech can be ended either with a recap of what the speaker said or by giving a call to action. 

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