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Specific Learning Disability

A specific learning disability is a learning disorder that makes it difficult for a student to perform at the same level as other students in the areas of listening, speaking, thinking, mathematical reasoning, critical thinking, creative writing, etc.

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Specific learning disability is a term that encompasses several learning issues. For example, even if a student has a learning disability in just one subject, they are still categorized as having a learning disability.  For example, a person who has a learning disability in reading is said to have dyslexia. If it is in writing, it is known as dysgraphia, and if it is in mathematical reasoning, it is called dyscalculia. Hence, it is evident that learning disabilities come in different forms in different people. 

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However, this raises an important question – how does a person who has a learning disability know that they have it? Even though such a diagnosis should be left to the expertise of a doctor specializing in that field, there are certain signs that can tell you that you might have it. Here are a few symptoms:

  • A pertinacious difficulty in a particular aspect of learning such as writing, reading, mathematical reasoning, etc.
  • Having to put a tiring amount of time and effort into reading, writing, or mathematics 
  • Finding it extremely difficult in remembering certain things like numbers, words, names, etc.
  • Writing that lacks significant clarity
  • Poor mathematical reasoning 

If you feel like you or someone you know might have a learning disability, the first thing you must do as a part of it is to consult a doctor that specializes in the same. If left untreated, a learning disorder can lead to stress, anxiety, and other serious mental health problems. A full educational evaluation will probably be required which will give a clear picture of what specific learning disorder the student has. 

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