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Social Learning

We can understand social learning by a theory. Learning is a cognitive process that takes place in a social context. Social learning can happen through direct instructions or observation, even if there is no direct reinforcement or motor reproduction. 

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We live in society around so many people. We learn by watching, doing, and listening to things combined with kinesthetic, auditory, and visual styles of learning. This helps us understand any new concepts, builds knowledge, and apply all the learning’s into everyday challenges. All this comes under this type of learning. This method of learning does not involve any of the traditional classroom learning models. It is based on common sense and a real-life approach to learning. 

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Social learning is different from traditional formal learning techniques. It focuses on the way a person interacts with peers for just-in-time learning and acquisition of the skills

There is research that shows that only 10% of learning happens through a traditional method, that is in the environment where instructors are teaching in the classroom. 20% of the learning happens when there is an interaction with their peers. The remaining 70% learning, which is a large percentage, when you are getting on-the-job experience. Experiential learning stays with the learner for a longer period of time.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology