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Slow Learners

Slow learners are children of below-average intelligence whose scholastic performance and thinking skills have developed significantly less than the pace of their age. They can be generalized as learners whose learning pace is much lower than their peers. However, they are neither rare nor unique. They cannot learn at the average rate from institutional resources, workbooks, textbooks, and learning materials that are designed for the majority of students in a class.

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The IQ of slow learners will be somewhere around 80 and 90 and they will have lower educational attainment than what they are capable of. They will cause deficiency in their reading, writing, and analytical skills and I have a short span of attention and hence get easily distracted by other things. Also, because of their lower pace of learning, they will have lower self-esteem and weaker memory. 

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They might have difficulty in understanding or following instructions for a task and might be prone to immature relationships because of their low self-esteem. They will not be ab To show consistent performance in exams and at the same time might show proficiency in another particular task like sports or arts rather than the school curriculum. In light of this year’s learning skills they might also have poor reasoning skills as well. 

Identifying slow learners is necessary at a very early stage so that they can be given special attention. Teachers are able to identify slow learners by using these three main techniques – observation, scholastic tests, and case studies.

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