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Skill Trainer

A skill trainer, also known as a skills trainer, is a person who is responsible for teaching people new skills in a particular subject generally to help them become more employable. A skill trainer might be an employee of a company or a freelancer who is hired to teach a particular employee or group of employees a specific topic or task. Companies might need them for high and job training like in the case of engineers or in the case of specialized professions like make-up artists. 

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A skill trainer usually works with private or public sector companies to help their employees with improving their skills. Some skills trainers might earn income from teaching others at a company or they might choose to work independently and train employees across different departments. Additionally, they might also provide training on how to achieve success at tasks that require parties like in the case of engaging with customers, effective project management, or performing well during meetings.

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To become a skill trainer, even though certain companies do not ask for formal education, it is better to get a bachelor’s degree in education, human resources, or business administration because they might provide training in creating lesson plans or offer knowledge about onboarding employees to a company.

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