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Skill Development Meaning

Skill development meaning helps in recognizing your skill gaps and developing these skills. Your skills determine your ability to carry out plans and attain your objectives. Employees’ lives are filled with opportunities for skill development and training. Organizations that foster skill development have a more productive workforce because their employees are more motivated and engaged. It can be done by giving practical training or theoretical test like practice questions.

Skill India Mission

Skill India Mission is a government initiative that was launched in 2015. It is an umbrella plan that encompasses several skilling schemes and programs. The primary goal is to provide the country’s youth with acceptable skill sets that will allow them to work in relevant areas and boost productivity.

Objectives of Skill India Mission

The Skill India Mission’s primary goal is to deliver market-relevant skills training to more than 40 crore young people in the country by 2022.

  • The mission aims to provide opportunities and space for Indian kids to develop their skills.
  • It intends to develop areas that have been designated for skill development for many years, as well as to identify new sectors for skill development.

Skill India Features

The Skill India Mission has various aspects that set it apart from past skill development initiatives.

  • The emphasis is on enhancing the employability of the youth so that they can find work and also on fostering entrepreneurship among them.
  • The mission provides training, counseling, and support for all traditional occupations such as weavers, cobblers, carpenters, welders, masons, blacksmiths, nurses, and so on.
  • Real estate, transportation, building, gem industry, textiles, finance, jewelry design, tourism, and other industries with insufficient skill levels will also be prioritized.
  • The training provided will be of international grade, allowing India’s youth to find work not only in India but also abroad, where there is a demand.

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