Semester Grade Point Average is the method of evaluation of a student’s performance in colleges and universities. It is very helpful to find out how much a student understands. Some people do not know the difference between sgpa and cgpa, and some think that these are some methods to evaluate a student’s performance.

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So you should understand what cgpa is, Cumulative Grade Points Average is its full form. While calculating cgpa you do not have to include marks obtained in the additional subjects. You have to add marks for all the main subjects, there are generally five main subjects so add all the marks obtained in the main subjects and divide it by five to get your CGPA. Now you would have understood what is Semester Grade Point Average and Cumulative Grade Points Average are.

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As we all know that Semester Grade Point Average is the evaluation of a student’s performance Semester wise so there is a time we need to convert sgpa to cgpa. You would be thinking about how to convert sgpa to cgpa, it is a simple process. Cumulative Grade Points Average can be said as the average of Semester Grade Point Average. You can find out the Cumulative Grade Points Average by adding all Semester Grade Point averages and then taking out the average of them. You can find out the average Semester Grade Point Average by dividing by the number of semesters. Then you will finally get Cumulative Grade Points from Semester Grade Point Average. Hope you have understood how to convert sgpa to cgpa! 

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